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Building Up The Temple

Wednesday evenings I usually have a wonderful group of ladies over to my place for tea and a bible study.  Most of the time it’s  a fight to get Abi to bed on time and she usually ends up sitting up with us.  This week she was asleep ling before they got here.  Caleb, on the other hand, was not. 😦  So this week it was his turn to sit with me and the ladies.

After everyone went home I got Caleb settled into bed. He has an alarm clock the projects images of space on the ceiling and last night it was the earth. I couldn’t help but make shadow animals and try to eat it, not very helpful in getting him to sleep as we were both laughing and he joined in. Finally I told him it was time to go to sleep. I gave him a kiss and told him I loved him and then got comfy as I waited for him to drift off. I think I was starting to drift off myself when I heard him whispering something.  When I opened my eyes I saw that he was singing “Building Up The Temple” complete with actions.

Building up the temple,
Building up the temple,
Building up the temple of the Lord. (he didn’t repeat this part and that’s ok)
So high you can’t get over it
So low you can’t go under it
So wide you can’t go around it
you must go in at the door.

I watched as he did all the actions for each line and moved on to the second verse:

Oh brothers won’t you help us
Sisters won’t you help us
Building up the temple of the Lord (yawn)
So high you can’t get over it
So low you can’t go under it…

and he was asleep… mid action and mid song.  My heart filled with joy as I watched him fall peacefully asleep singing songs to God…I suddenly didn’t feel so bad when I fell asleep praying.  To be a child in the arms of God while I was sleeping is just the right place to be…and my son had reminded me of that!

When Caleb woke up this morning he told me that he had a really good dream, but he couldn’t remember what it was and then he started singing again.  He was happy and seemed very well rested, despite not going to sleep until almost 10!

I learned a lot from my 5 year old last night and this morning…God does grant rest to those He loves and we are better for it in the morning with His love and care as we sleep!  May you find rest and refreshing tonight as you sleep.  Having trouble getting to sleep…talk to Him about it or sing Him a little song 🙂



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