PrairieJams ~ Jamberry


Well, as I mentioned last Monday, I’m going to step out of my comfort zone a little and become a Jamberry Nail Consultant.  I registered on Friday night and now have my berry own site

If you are not familiar with Jamberry,  they are nail wraps that you put on your fingernails and/toe nails to jazz them up a bit.  They have a huge selection of styles and designs.  Once they are on they should last up to two weeks.  I say should because the first time I tried them it didn’t work out so great.  That is mostly because I was being lazy and didn’t apply them properly.  I have done them two more times and they are great! 
Here are the ones I have done:

Berry Blend & Crash Art


Berry Blend & Stitched Away

I will be having a Launch Party starting Feb. 2  on Facebook.  I think it will be fun!  And I get to share something I enjoy… making my nails pretty!  As well as make a couple extra dollars to help pay down some debt. 

Well there it is folks…until next time…wanna Jam?  😉


6 thoughts on “PrairieJams”

  1. Super cute! I have a friend locally who just started working with them too – she has a lot of fun with it. Sadly, my nails are in the pool and mud all week – maybe someday, I can dream they can be pretty again! 😉

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