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Weigh-In Wednesday ~ January 21, 2014

Hi.  It’s Wednesday…that means the weekend is getting closer!

I have done two nights of work outs this week!  I’m so excited about that!  Monday I walked for 40 minutes doing hills on the treadmill.  It felt great!  I’m happy to report I didn’t fall off.  I almost did twice but managed to recover!  It was really nice to be working out with Pamela again!  I’ve missed our walks.  I’m hoping once the weather is better we will walk/run again!

Last night was a different kind of work out.  It was compliments of my kids and bedtime!  Once I got them upstairs (1st trip) we made beds, picked up some toys and then I tried to read them a story.  They wanted to play and jump around.  After asking them a couple of times to sit and listen or no story I gave up and said “Fine, put yourselves to bed.  Good night.”  I got up, turned off Caleb’s light and went downstairs.  I could hear them giggling at first and then they started calling for me.  Back up I went (2nd trip).  Still not wanting to listen to stories I put them to bed.  As I snuggled in with Abi I remembered her medicine and had to go get it (3rd trip) Medicine given, settled in bed rubbing her back and I hear a voice from the other room…”MOM!  I forgot my water!”  And back down I go.  (4th trip)  Kids watered and tucked in, one asleep and the other on the way I am summoned back to Abi’s room because her blanket was downstairs (5th trip).  You would think I’d have learned to make sure all of this was done the first time right??  Nope!  It’s almost a nightly thing!  Finally all blankets, water cups, teddy bears, dolls, monkeys and kids in bed and asleep, I cleaned the bathroom.  Workout done!  My legs are feeling those stairs today!  Tonight I will attempt a home workout.

I have decided that I will not weigh myself until the end of April.  I want to focus on getting back into a routine with my workouts and eating better.  So, I don’t have a report for you today.  But, I feel good about this start!  Next week will be more of a workout/meal plan update.  Time to get this bus rolling!


What will you be doing this week to keep moving??  Have a great week!!




4 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday ~ January 21, 2014”

  1. Way to go!! I have to admin a few TM mishaps myself – a few almost catastrophic!! I’m training for a 70.3 Ironman this summer and my coach loves to torture me with TM speed workouts each week. I feel your pain!! Love the motivation – the progress you’re making now will carry you through the tough parts! ❤

    1. WOW…a 70.3 Ironman! That’s fantastic. I’m training for a half marathon in October…it’s with TeamDiabetes Canada and I’ll be running it in Munich Germany…EEkk..super excited to get back into training! I’ll be cheering for you as you train! Best of luck!
      Thanks for the encouragement! Have a great day!

      1. That’s so great! My first race was also a HM – I essentially went from Couch to HM in 6 months! OUCH! I remember being sore ALL the time 🙂 I think the key is to leverage our success and enjoyment into long-term habits. I stopped training and running for about 2 years before jumping back in again 5 months ago. I still have big goals for myself, but now, I’m training with the intention of doing it for many years to come ❤ I'll be cheering you on as well!

  2. I know a thing or two about the stairs… I swear I go up an down those suckers 30x a day if not more. Good job on working out! Putting the scale away is a good idea 🙂

    Have a good week!

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