The One Pound Plan

Weigh-In Wednesday ~ December 3, 2014


Good morning!  It has been a while…how are you doing??  I’m doing alright, thanks 🙂  Well I have been sick for two days but otherwise I’m good.

Weight: 276

Goal: 275

So, I have decided to do a 12 Lbs. of Christmas challenge.  I want to lose 12 lbs. by Christmas.  We shall see how it goes.  I won’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen, but I have a plan in place so it should be good.

What are your plans for Christmas and staying healthy over the holidays? ….or do you just say “to heck with that!  I want my baking!”  I wouldn’t blame you!  This is my favorite time of year…mostly because of all the good baking that is going around…it’s like a virus you can’t shake!  Good treats everywhere!  Chocolate, cookies, cakes…oh my!  As for me, I am planning to not take part in baking this year.  If some is donated to us ok, fine, but I won’t be making much of anything.  One thing I will be making is Christmas Bread because it’s a Christmas morning staple!  Menus are made and on the fridge and other then being so sick yesterday I didn’t want to eat, I have stuck to it fairly well.  🙂  Bring it on 🙂

Well, that is all I have for this week.  I hope you are all staying warm and getting into the Christmas Spirit!  Here’s a little song to help you out..

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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