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Happy December 1! It’s a Cold One!

It is cold this morning.  The weather channel is calling for a “Deep Freeze” for the next few days.  Oh Goody…and winter picks up where it left off last year!  It’s -29 with the wind chill (that’s -20 for my friends south of us)…it’s warmed up.  At 4:30am it was -40 with the wind.  Apparently that is the break even point between C and F…because it’s also -40F. By Friday they are saying -8.  Here’s hoping…it’s Holiday Train day on Friday and I’d love to take the kids!

This past weekend we decorated the tree.  The kids had a blast.  Abi totally missed the point of the whole game and moved ornaments from the tree to the couch or put one on the tree and then took it off to show it to me and then put it back on (500 times!)  Caleb raced his cars through the branches and had them carry the ornaments to the tree.  Oh What fun!

After it was all said and done we settled in to what the Grey Cup (the Canadian version of the Super Bowl without all the fantastic commercials!)  Once again a team was robbed of the victory because of a dumb penalty!  Oh well, the team I was cheering for won…I just feel bad for the other guys because if not for that penalty it would have been their game…and they had come from behind to get that close!  I can imagine the conversation in the locker room after…yikes!

Well, I pray that you have a wonderful week.  I also pray that this Christmas season you are blessed beyond imagination!  I leave you with a little festive music from Pentatonix!


Stay warm!


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