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NaKniSweMo ~ Day 28 ~ Drum Roll Please!

DONE!  I can not believe that I finished a sweater in a month!  Especially with all the problems I ran into….it feels so good! 
Now I know it’s not perfect.  I look at it closely and I see all the mistakes and miscounts and repairs…yikes!  I wouldn’t dare show you where they are….I’ll just smile and say “Look! I’m Done! 😆
A little note about the pictures and my model…it’s one of Miss Abi’s giant Dolls.  It’s about as big as she is.  So, Little Miss Happy Pants (aka Abigail) wouldn’t try the sweater on for me so I had to resort to the doll.  Ok, here we go…

The hat didn’t fit so I just set it as nicely as I could get it on her head. It was the inspiration for the project….and tomorrow I will have the buttons sewed on and I’m hoping puctures of Miss Abi wearing the darn thing 😕

Ahhh…it feels so great to be done!  On to my next projects…yippy! 

Thanks for putting up with all my insaneness ( my own word I’m sure)…this was fun! 

It is time for a nap.  Have a great night!


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