Team Diabetes

World Diabetes Day November 14, 2014


As most of you know, I am fundraising to help raise awareness of and help find a cure for Diabetes.  I have been working to raise $6100 for almost a year.  When I started on this journey, it was because I was inspired to raise money and see a different part of the world, all while working on my health at the same time.  Over the past year I have felt very blessed by everyone who has made donations towards this wonderful cause.  I wanted to take a moment of you time today to show you where some of the money I have been raising will be going.  Where YOUR donations will be used…

How Does Your Donation Help?

  • $50 provides 25 toolkits to healthcare providers and their patients to allow them to better organize their care and management of diabetes.
  • $100 provides four hours of call centre services for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals who may have questions related to diabetes management or the Association’s many support programs and services.
  • $500 funds a diabetes research lab for half a day, bringing us closer towards finding a cure.
  • $1500 sends a child with diabetes to our diabetes summer camp for a week
Wait…There’s more:
  • Team Diabetes is the national activity fundraising program for the Canadian Diabetes Association.
  •  Team Diabetes promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.
  •  Participants fundraise for diabetes research, education, services and advocacy.
  •  People of all fitness levels and from all walks of life train to walk or run a full or half marathon or shorter distance race at exciting Canadian and international destinations.
  •  Benefits of participation include: increased energy and improved health, a sense of accomplishment, being part of a team.
  • All participants receive: guaranteed race registration, individualized online training, fundraising materials and support.
  •  Team Diabetes not only prepares participants for the physical challenge but also provides the support needed to achieve their fundraising and training goals.
  • Participants increase public awareness of diabetes by inspiring their communities to get active and involved. They create lifestyle changes reducing the risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes while raising funds for the Canadian Diabetes Association.
  •  Acting as role models in their local communities, participants expose the reality of diabetes and the significance of the cause throughout Canada and abroad.

Diabetes is a disease that affects 3 million Canadians, 85,000 in Saskatchewan and millions of people all over the world.  That is why I have joined Team Diabetes Canada.

Team Diabetes is a program through the Canadian Diabetes Association that works to raise funds towards research for a cure, programs for kids living with diabetes, such as summer D-camps, and advocates on behalf all people living with the disease.

Team Diabetes takes part in events all over the world.  Sporting our Team D Canada shirts we represent the thousands of dollars raised in the name of everyone we know living with diabetes.  The logo also represents the dream that one day no one will have to live with it ever again! That is why I am doing my part to raise money.

On World Diabetes Day I am asking all of my blog followers (and Facebook Friends)to consider making a donation to Team Diabetes.  Not only will you be helping find a cure and spread awareness but you will be encouraging me to cross the finish line!

I am including a link to a short video about D-Camps–another way money raised is used.  Please watch it.  If you would like to make a donation you may do so on my webpage here.  Please feel free to share this post with your friends!  The more people involved the closer we are to finding a cure.  We all know someone living with Diabetes, lets join them in the fight!


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