The One Pound Plan

Weigh-In Wednesday ~ October 29, 2014


Good Morning!  Happy Wednesday to you all! Ok, so I’m not really as chipper as I sound…I am fighting a cold and I feel like I have been hit by a truck.  BUT…it is a good day!  The sun is out, none of the white stuff that came down the other day stuck around (Dancing a dance of joy about that!)  and despite my efforts to eat everything in sight this past two weeks, I am still down!


Weight: 270

Goal: 269

I will be honest.  My workouts haven’t taken off yet, my diet plans have stalled (and by diet I mean menu planning for healthy meals) and I just don’t feel at all motivated!  Winter is coming and I just want to hibernate!  I want to curl up with some yarn, a coffee and watch Netflix all day!  If I were still single, that’s exactly what I’d be doing after work!

However, my kids have been keeping me busy!  On Saturday we had a mini-dance party!  I pulled up some Pentatonix on YouTube via the Wii on the TV and we danced away!  It was a blast!  I have been even making a point to RUN up the stairs when I go check on them or get their clothes for the day.  I have purposely NOT set out clothes the night before so I would be forced to RUN upstairs to get them…it’s been good!

On a negative positive note (yes that is exactly what I meant to say) Miss Abi has been a stinker about going to bed at night.  After our story time and I get her all snuggled in, she will scream…not cry SCREAM!…and want her water, not want her water, want her blanket on, not want her blanket on, run through the name of everyone she can think of who might come back upstairs– Mommy!, Daddy!  Mim! (grama) Pana (auntie Pamela) even Popop! (And he lives in BC…not likely kid!)  Eventually, when I have given up the game, she ups the stakes….and takes her DIAPER OFF!!!  So back up I run…because the one and only time I ignored her because I didn’t think she actually had taken it off she actually had and POOPED in her crib!  (stop laughing!)  So, she knows the card to pull to get me running again.  Sometime she hasn’t actually taken it off, but 1 time in 5 she has.  I get her changed (again) snuggle her for a couple of minutes before laying her in her bed– one last time!- rub her back and tell her in the most pleasant voice I can muster…”now it’s time to go to sleep, no more yelling.  Good night, mommy loves you very much.  Go to sleep”  I head back down to the waiting sink of dishes or yarn project and listen…she has finally gone to sleep!  My legs are burning!

So although my workouts haven’t played out exactly how I wanted them too…I seem to be getting work outs in other ways and I am TOTALLY ok with it all!

So, I hope you have been well and keeping busy!  In case you need a little help to get that pep in your step today I am going to share a little number that will be sure to get you grooving!  Have a Super Duper day! (this is the one we danced to on Saturday 🙂 )


16 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday ~ October 29, 2014”

  1. The name Pentatonix sounded sooooo familar so I checked it out! How odd and amazing. Never heard of them. What have I been missing! Although not up and dancing I am nodding whilst blogging. Hope this is okay!

    1. Glad I could help 🙂 Glad your enjoying them…I found them when their Base singer sang with another group I love Home Free on their sone Ring of Fire…worth a listen if you like a good base singer….goosebumps for me everytime!!!

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