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Happy Sunday ~ October 26, 2014

Hello!  I hope you have been enjoying the weekend! 


This picture was taken a couple of mornings ago after it had been raining.  A beautiful picture painted by a Master Painter, a reminder to stop and look at the beauty around us ♡♥ 
Today I’m not feeling so great– gotta love fall colds! I think I need a coffee and my pillow..Have a great week! I hope you get to enjoy some of Gods Art Gallery this week!


8 thoughts on “Happy Sunday ~ October 26, 2014”

    1. Thanks…I had a terrific nap this morning than went to a musical–Beauty and the Beast — at a local high school. Feeling a little better tonight, hoping to get some sleep and be ready to rake on this very busy week coming up…heres hoping! Haha

  1. I love that, “God’s Art Gallery.” Also, Fall to me is the most beautiful season even though each season has something beautiful to offer.

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