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NaKniSweMo ~ The Choice Has Been Made


Petite Panache wins the vote.  I have been looking at this one for a very long time!  I think it will be so cute on Miss Abi. 
So the plan for this coat is inspired by a hat i found her a while ago…

Her newest hat for church

I have the same color of yarn but I’ll be adding my own style to it. I am very excited….so excited in fact that I cast it on the needles last night and started a couple base rows. Don’t worry…I’m pulling it all out right away because I have decided to make some changes and they need to start in those base rows….it’s going to be an awesome challenge I think!

There you have it….on November 1st I’ll post the first of many updates…I can’t wait to see this thing come to life!!! There will be lots of coffee drinking involved im sure!

Happy Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “NaKniSweMo ~ The Choice Has Been Made”

      1. Thank you, Jenn! We just landed in Jordan, and the trip has been amazing so far! I’m traveling light (with a tablet instead of my usual laptop) & have been having problems figuring out how to post… but as soon as those are resolved, a post on Athens shall be up. 🙂 Thanks again for the well wishes!

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