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NaKniSweMo ~ Project Possibilities

Happy Monday! I have spent the last few days working on some unfinished projects and looking for my November Sweater challenge pattern.  Man, there are a lot of GREAT options out there!  And having NEVER made a sweater before, it’s a tough choice to make.  Do I make something for one of my kids?  Something for me?  A friend?  or go with something I might sell in a craft sale….gaa…I just can’t decide.

Here are a couple of possibilities…

1.  Amelia

I love the look of this sweater.  This one I would keep for myself.

2. Petite Panache

I have wanted to make this for Abi for so long…maybe now is the time..

 3. Shapely Boyfriend

This just looks so comfy…although I have one similar to it but without the buttons…so maybe something different?

4. February Lady Sweater


This is a cute one…I would make the sleeves longer though…hmm…Choices, choices

Of course, I have two projects that would fit the stitch count challenge but they aren’t sweaters…

1. Double Knit Flower Cowl


I have only just started this one and it’s looking good.

2. Lord of the Rings Double Knit Scarf


I have been working on this one since my birthday (Birthday yarn is awesome!) but haven’t gotten very far, maybe this month it will be finished.

It’s a good thing it’s not November tomorrow…or I would be in trouble!  But have no fear…I will know what I’m doing in time to get this challenge underway…

Well have a great week!  It’s going to beautiful and warm here…lots of walking and yarning to come I think!  Not at the same time however, that would be a hot mess for sure!




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