The One Pound Plan

Weigh-in Wednesday ~ October 15, 2014


Here is it two weeks after my last weigh in..I can’t believe time is going by so fast!  I hope it slows down a little…in one year I will be finishing my first half-marathon in Munuch Germany with Team Diabetes and I only started training yesterday!  Yikes…I feel like it’s not going to be enough time!

Did you catch that?  I started training yesterday!  That’s right!  After Abi and I dropped Caleb off at school we went to Wascana for a walk/run.  I fired up the C25K app on my phone and away we went.

Ready to hit the road with mum
Ready to hit the road with mum

The it was very hard to get going ~ I won’t lie, I almost didn’t want to do the running part at all!  But I did it.  Well, most of it.  The first three days are 8×1 minute running and 6×1.5 minutes of walking …. the first minute of running I thought I would DIE!  But by the third interval I was warmed up and doing OK.  I would have finished all 8 accept my phone died at number 5  and with no other way to time my intervals, I walked the rest of the way around the lake.  That’s OK, I will be back to try it again on Thursday morning!  It feels good to get going.

Food…well, food has been a constant enemy of mine.  I always eat too much!  But I have been trying to keep my portions smaller and make waiser choices.  It’s coming along!  So is my water intake…I have been adding more every day.  Yesterday I only had two cups of coffee…We shall see how today goes!

Speaking of today..

Weight: 275
Goal: 274

Have a great rest of your week!


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