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And The Yarn Goes On…

I pulled out a couple projects already started last night…go figure, I can’t take a night off from yarning!  I have a feeling this will take me FOREVER!  But I can’t wait to see it all done.   It’s not the only other double-knit project I have on the needles at the moment…the other one is a special top secret one!  You won’t see it until it’s done 🙂

It’s been a week since I mailed the blanket to my brother (it’s at my parents house, he just hasn’t been by to get it yet) and I have been bust with another quick gift for my in-laws new little guy!  Once I have them sent and pictures of him wearing it, I’ll do a post about what I made.  I can’t wait!  I already have a request for a couple more…

Well, time to get back to work, there are 6 pages to this pattern…yikes!  I’m so excited to see it done!

Happy Yarning!  Have a great week!


1 thought on “And The Yarn Goes On…”

  1. Hey Bonnie…it will say “One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” Hahaha…i had to look it up. It’s the inscription that appears on the inside of the ring on Lord Of The Rings. 🙂

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