The One Pound Plan

No-So-Weigh-In Wednesday ~ September 24, 14


As I have mentioned before, my mom is visiting us this week. That means there is always snack food around the house! So, I wasn’t terribly upset when I realized I forgot to weigh myself this morning…hahaha…I have no self control! But I’m working on it 😉

The weather has been amazing this first week of fall!  In the low 30’s with a nice breeze …I’m loving it!  It has made the changing colors a little more bearable!  Usually the leaves start turning color and falling and I start to get into winter mode.  This year we are being tricked into believing winter will never come…it’s been that nice!

I will not be fooled…I know it’s coming!  And I am not looking forward to it.  I keep hearing how it’s going to be a “T-Rex” of winters…as if last years “Polar Vortex” winter wasn’t bad enough!  The debate in our house…more snow and milder temps or less snow and “freeze to death” temps…I’m all for more snow and milder temps thank you very much!  Either way, I will take this beautiful late summer weather for as long as it wants to stick around!


Well, I really don’t have anything to report this week.  Been snacking, drinking coffee, relaxing with my mom and the family and crocheting.  That’s about it.  Next week I will have new numbers and my workout plan 🙂


Have a Super Duper, Scrumdiddlyumptious  Week!


Autumn Blessings


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