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Wednesday Weigh In ~ September 10, 2014

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Have you ever tried to weigh yourself with a toddler in the room?  Yikes!  I won’t be getting Miss Abi her own scale, but she doesn’t need to stand on mine while I’m trying to weigh in!  hahaha..

Weight: 293  WHAT!!!???

Weight (without Miss Abi pushing on the scale) 271

Goal: 270

Well, we are all sick in my house.  Food hasn’t been much of a priority for me as I don’t like to eat when I don’t feel well.  Let me rephrase that…good choices aren’t a priority for me when I don’t feel well.  We have had way to much fast food because neither one of us are feeling up to cooking.  Although, on Sunday I decided enough was enough and planned a Sub building dinner with salads.  It was actually really good and the kids enjoyed some of the meat and cheese for their supper.  Then on Monday–Dr. visit day–we had soup and sandwiches with some salad.  So I guess I made some good choices.

I have talked before about my frustration about getting Mr. Caleb to eat.  Well we have made some changes to the way things are done (some of them came from the dietitian we saw when he was 2) and they are making a huge difference!  One change is we give him two option for the meal.  What we are having or something quick we can make that doesn’t entail a whole other meal prep.  Miss Abi usually eats what ever is on my plate…literally!  The other plan it to set a timer.  We give 20 minutes to finish meals and 15 to finish snacks.  This sounds a little strict I know, but before they would just play with their food or cups and not eat.  Now they know they have 20 minutes and mom starts clearing the table…finished or not…and they have to wait until snack time.  Which brings me to the last plan we put in place…snack times.  I usually have a snack planned for two hours after meals.  This does a couple of things.  It has stopped the grazing all day.  It also gives them something in their tummies before bed so they have been sleeping better!  I feel like I am finally winning the battle!  It’s still a work in progress.  Caleb will sometimes not finish and then wants something to eat 15 or so minutes after we are done eating.  I tell him he has to wait for snack time and that he should have finished his dinner…it’s getting  better.

This schedule is also helping me.  I don’t snack between meals unless it’s the kids snack times…that way they don’t see me doing it.  The next problem for me to deal with is the night time snacking after they have gone to bed.  That is my worst time for wanting junk!  Even if I am keeping busy working on fundraising letters, crocheting or reading, I want to be snacking as I go….it’s not been easy and most night I give in and find something to stuff in my face.  I’m working on it.  It will get better I’m sure.

Another week down…There are some changes coming that I will hopefully share next week.  Until then, let me leave you with this little tip…


🙂  Have a great day!!!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In ~ September 10, 2014”

  1. Great work!!! I am putting Nolan on a food schedule for school and it has allowed me to get back on track with my own. Snacking has been minimal… the large portions is what I am dealing with. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Thanks…I found cutting my portions was easier than it has been to cut snacking…hahaha…I love that my kids are on a good schedule…it really is helpful 🙂 thanks for the encouragement! How are you feeling?

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