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Getting In The Mood To Decorate!

Today Mary, my mother-in-law,  and I decided to hem all my curtains.  They are way to long and they drive me crazy…its a short trip let me tell you!  Once we began we realized that the one set we were going to modify would take too much work and might turn into a mess….the solution?  Curtain shopping! 
We found some awesome deals!  Caleb’s are a brown black out curtain and they were only $5.00 per panel. 

Abi’s are a lovely blue black out curtain and were $15 per panel.  Then I got a little girly…I found some sheer panels with flowers on them to layer on the solid blue….also $15 each….in the end we have a lovely start to both rooms!  Abi’s are my favorite. 

The living room ones are getting hemmed and should be back in place later this evening….I love making small changes…feels refreshing 🙂 

As for the rest of the night, I’ll be relaxing with my crocheting and neocitron…thanks to my lovely kids its head cold season! They were both sniffling and sneezing yesterday and by the time I went to bed last night so was I. I’m a little cautious with Miss Abi as she is coughing pretty bad and wheezing as well. So will have to keep an eye on that.
I’m praying we all get some rest tonight. Tomorrow is my first round of teaching Sunday School…I don’t want to feel miserable 🙂 Have a blessed night all!


3 thoughts on “Getting In The Mood To Decorate!”

  1. Good for you Jenn. I am definitely in that fall purging, sorting rearranging decorating mode also. It’s been fun to tackle some things this week and so rewarding when you sit back and look. I love Abi’s curtains.
    I start teaching the 2-4 year olds tomorrow too. I love it. They are so fun!!
    Hope you feel better quickly friend.

    1. Thanks…I hope so too. Poor Caleb doesn’t have much of a voice tonight and Abi is coughing really good….I’m nervous about teaching…I think I’m teaching 8-12 year olds

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