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Wednesday Weigh In ~ August 27, 2014

Good Morning…

I will be honest…I wasn’t going to check in today.  I was worried about my weigh in.  I am a stress eater and I have had a bunch of stress this week.

We had a bunch of rain last weekend and out basement proceeded to leak … again… so frustrating!  We knew it was going to rain, so Brian decided to take down the rest of the drywall and insulation so we could see where the water was coming in from…where isn’t it coming in from!  What a mess!  Welcome to owning a home right?  It will work out….and that’s all I have to say about that.

Back to stress eating.   I actually did fairly well.  We had a couple of off menu meals,  I may have enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake one time and strawberry shortcake another time, and I may have had one (or 4) chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips–thanks to my friend’s hubby…he made them for a snack for us one evening while we were visiting…so good!   BUT…I made lunches for work and ate them.  I added some more fruit and even threw in a couple protein shakes when I felt like snacking.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the number this week.  Very surprised actually….ready for it?  Here we go

Last Week: 277

Weight: 272

Goal 271

**GASP**  I know, I almost fell off the scale. Feeling pretty good today… 🙂

And so we are off for another week…my only goal this week is to finish that darn blanket ….and keep making wise food choices.


Have a great week everyone! Happy Wednesday!

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