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“Seeds Are Yucky” ~ A Science Experiment

Do you remember putting a bean on a wet paper towel and putting it in a jar so you could watch it grow?  It might have looked like this…


Well, the other day, Caleb asked me to cut up an apple for him.  As I was working on peeling it and taking the core out, he asked that I make sure all the seeds were gone.  He said “they are yucky”.  I replied “well, honey, without the seeds you wouldn’t have an apple.”  The rest of the conversation went like this…
“Well, the seeds grow into apple trees and they make the apples.”
“Like the tree at aunties house?”
“Yep, just like the tree at aunties house.” “Why?”
“Well thats just how God planned it to happen I guess.”
“I like apples.”
“I know you do”
“Thanks mom” and he went to eat.

I started to think about thos experiments from school and started telling the kids about it.  I told them we would go and get apples from auntie’s tree and plant the seeds so we could watch them grow.  Caleb was so excited!  I felt like a smart mom!  Hahaha…

So, on the way home from Auntie Bonnie’s  house, we stopped and got two apples.  Tonight before bed we set it all up.  Caleb even asked me to pray for them at bed time.  He’s such a sweet kid!

The picture of the two of them with their apples…yeah that was the sixth picture.  I eventually had to tell them to smile…so they did!  Hahaha…I love it!  They watched me cut them up and take the seeds out and put them in the jars. 

And so we wait!  I can guarantee one of two things happening…they will forget about it by tomorrow or they will ask me every five minutes to see if they are growing….I’m rooting for the five minute option 🙂 


Happy Sunday all!  Have a blessed week!!!


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