My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

More Progress ~ Future Projects

I can not believe it’s FINALLY Friday.  It feels like it has been a long week.  Not getting much sleep doesn’t help.  “Why not sleeping?” You ask? Well, several reasons really.  Mostly my brain doesn’t quit. 
Ever since we started working in the back yard and have seen a HUGE improvement,  all I can think about is the next project….and I have several on my mind! Hahaha….
But first…we took out some trees this week…

We still have to dig up roots and clean up along the fence, but it sure makes a difference. I have no idea what to put there. One thought is a nice raised planter, providing extra seating when we build a fire pit. Another is to just seed it with grass and carry on. I’m leaning towards raised planter.

It’s getting cooler already. Soon, we won’t be able to work outside anymore…soo…we will have to move to indoor projects.

The first one is to finish gutting the basement. We need to take down the dry wall and carpet, seal and paint the walls and floors throw down some area rugs and watch and see what it does over a year. Once we know its safe to finish, we will re-drywall, paint and put in a floor. I’d like to put a half bathroom down there as it will most likely be our living room/kids play area so having a bathroom down there will be handy. But that is a two year away project, at the least. (Pictures to come as we go)

So, what other things can I get into. Well…let me tell you!

The kitchen!
It is in serious need of an overhaul! I picked up some paint chips last weekend to see what I like

The one on the right is the one I'm leaning, grey & white

Then I went on Pintrest to see what I could find. I found two very different looks…

Initially I thought I like the red. But, there isn’t much natural light in there so something bright might be better…hence the yellow look. Both will look good with grey and whistle accents…so we shall see πŸ™‚ (my kitchen isn’t picture worthy at the moment, but I promise before, during and afters)

I also found this awesome stove


I love the look of this thing…I want one! I’d redesign my entire kitchen space around this if I had the chance! Isn’t it lovely!

The next small project I want to tackle is our front entry way. Its dark, small and very dysfunctional!

What I want to do is take the doors off (done), put a storage bench in, coat hooks (upper and lower) and paint it. I want this look…

But different colors. It is right behind the kitchen so I could carry the kitchen colors into there too.

The other possible project is the kids rooms. They will be fun. I wish I was as creative as some of the people sharing stuff on Pintrest. It will be simple, functional and fun. Starting with these built-in’s..

The bed on one side, shelves and storage on the other. Both of their rooms have slanted ceilings, so some adjusting will have to happen.
As for colors…no idea. I can’t make up my mind! I really need someone to come to my house and pick all the colors for me. I have no clue! But here are a couple color schemes I liked…

Again, I have no clue….I need help!

Thanks to Pintrest, I can redecorate my whole house over and over again and never spend a nickel. It doesn’t help me get much else done I’m afraid…or get much sleep…darn you Pintrest!

Well there we are. I could go on and on with the indoor stuff I want to see done over the next few years…taking out walls, refinishing hardwood floors, eventually painting the entire house. As for outside…finish the back yard, insulate and side the house, change the windows on the main floor, replace the shingles (hopefully the roof won’t need much work) and work on grass and garden space. Its a good thing I’m planning on retiring in this place…it could take me the next 20 years or so to get some of this done.
In the meantime, we will tackle one project at a time as the budget allows. Lord willing, we will be able to handle most of them with very little debt if any. πŸ™‚

It is now time for bed. I can plan in my sleep!
Have a great weekend all!!!


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