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Happy (Early) Birthday Caleb…The Party

On Wednesday of last week I totally changed the theme of Caleb’s birthday from Blue to Dirt.  Our yard is full ofnit and what kid doesn’t like to play in it!?  I let everyone know about the change…and THEN checked the weather forecast for the weekend….RAIN!!! Nice job Jenn….make that a Mud party. ..ugg.

Then I had a brilliant idea. To keep the dirt dry, I’d cover it with a tarp. That way on Sunday, when it’s sunny with only a 30% chance of rain, they will have something to play in. So thats what I did. And it didn’t rain nearly as much as they predicted. So Sunday came around and we started getting everything ready. Pulling the tarp off and the dirt was perfectly dry…yeah me! Let the party begin.
I think Caleb had a good time woth his friends…and it didn’t rain. Well, not until we were forced to eat inside because the wasps took over at supper time, not so fun. At the beginning of the party, Miss Abi got bit by one on her hand..poor kid. But no reaction so no hospital trip..yippy!

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My good friend, Cindy, and I were up late Saturday night working on Dirt Cake for the occasion….there were left overs after assembling so we ate them to make sure it was actually good…it was 🙂

Each friend of Caleb’s was given a dump truck with a shovel, a rake and some bubbles. It seemed to go over well..until Abi dumped out everyone’s bubbles when they were off playing in the dirt….grr…

At the end of the day…after everyone was full of sugar…everyone went home The kids were bathed and snug in bed by 9…and I was not far behind them. It was a good day.

A huge thank you to Miss Pamela for taking such awesome pictures! !!

Happy Birthday Bud…we love you!


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