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The Things Kids Say

Yesterday we had been working on the fence and it was getting late so I brought the kids in to feed them and work on supper for us hard working adults.  While I worked on making tuna melts, I overheard my kids talking, this is the conversation:

Abi: Bud, Bud, Amens!  (she calls Caleb Bud and calls prayers Amens, and she’s yelling, she yells all the time!)
Caleb: Ok, Dear God, I love Jesus, Amen
Abi: Amen! (again, yelling!)
Caleb: Ok, now we can eat.

My heart melted and I almost cried…I was definitely choked up!  The things kids pick up when we don’t think they are paying attention.  I’m still smiling about it today 🙂

Have a great Monday All!


2 thoughts on “The Things Kids Say”

  1. I love listening in on Nolan’s conversations with friends. The things they say (sometimes good, sometimes not so much) remind me every day that my son is growing and learning 🙏

    1. It’s awesome how quickly they pick stuff up! A little scary too because I can say something once and they repeat it right away…good or not… 🙂 hahaha

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