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11Days, A New Back Yard…Almost

I look at my back yard and can’t help but feel blessed for all the help we have had this past 11 days!  A friend lent us a truck to make trips to the dump, my mother and sister-in-law helped move trees, dirt, junk, load and unload trips to the dump, watch kids, feed kids and soo much more…I, WE, are truly thankful!

On August 1st (Friday), Brian began to take down the deck… that took 2 full days, an evening and 6 dump loads.  They also finished siding the west side of the garage.wpid-img_110439268403702.jpeg






On August 3rd (Sunday), we had a load of clay dropped off so we could create a slope away from the back and sides of the house and the garage.


On August 4th (Monday) we had a load of topsoil delivered, more trips to the dump, fence picked up and posts set.

because going down foot first is boring
because going down foot first is boring

August 5, 6 & 7 was rain, fence panels delivered and more rain!

August 8th (Friday) Signed the mortgage!!  Happy Day! Until the huge storm Friday night when we found another leak.  This time the rain was blown in under an upstairs window, pooled on the floor and leaked into the living room…welcome to Home Ownership right??


August 10th (Sunday) Started the fence…what an adventure!  Just another Gurel Family Project.

August 11th (Monday) Finished the fence, finished spreading the topsoil, set up a path from the stairs to the cement pad cleaned up the yard and called it a day…

And there it is…11 days and a new back yard.  Oscar is so happy to not be on a leash now and he can run all over the place.  The kids won’t be out in the ally anymore!  The yard looks so much bigger!

Up next will be to finish the garage, get some seed down and a clothes line!  🙂  Build the deck (in the spring) It’s coming together 🙂  But without the help it would have felt like a hopeless task!  So thankful!  So Blessed!

Well, it’s time for a nap (Abi might be awake soon) … tomorrow we will take a break from the yard work and enjoy what we have done!  Good night all!


6 thoughts on “11Days, A New Back Yard…Almost”

  1. Congratulations on your new home!! Great job on your new backyard! Everything looks like it’s coming together quite nicely!

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