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Signing Day

Taken two years ago when we began the "rent to own" portion of this journey

Yesterday we signed the mortgage on our house!  We are now owned by the bank!  I am so excited to have a place to call our own!

Over the past couple of months, while we have been working on getting the papers signed, I have been lamenting the fact that this is it, we are stuck here now.  I have always said I want to move back to Vancouver Island.  Not only for the selfish reasons of a warmer winter and access to the beach when ever I want it, but because I want my parents to have some of the same unlimited access to their grand kids as Brian’s mom and sister have had all this time.  I was feeling trapped and, if I’m truly honest, resentful.  However, I have been working on those feelings and things are feeling a little different now.

Now that we have signed the papers for the house, it’s almost like a freedom has presented itself.  We have been renting for the past two years so it’s been hard to imagine it as “our home”.  Since this process began I am seeing potential in the bones of this old house.

We have had to go through a lot of hoops to get this done. Every step of the way I have been praying. And every step God has been faithful…and I know going forward He will remain faithful 🙂

And so, I begin the lists….things that need upgrading and fixing, things Iwe want to upgrade and things that would be nice but won’t be upset if they don’t happen. I’m going to start a home project book and take pictures of everything on those lists so I have “Before” pictures and start searching for ideas….yeah for an excuse to waste even more time on Pintrest hahaha…actually I have been doing that already. Then I’ll pick up paunt chips, quotes and things like that and try to stay organized about it.

I am not planning on ever doing this again…we will be here until the kids are grown and moved away (unless by some miracle an opportunity comes up to move home to Vancouver Island, and as I believe in miracles, it could happen 🙂 ) so the changes will be things we can live with. I can’t wait to start this journey!

Home Sweet Home!


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