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Red Cape ~ Mission Accomplished

As I tied off the last stitch of edging, thunder rumbled outside.   A severe thunderstorm warning had been issued and it was here. The lightning was awesome. It lasted a couple of hours. By bed time I had both kids in my bed

Snug as bugs in a rug

So, the Cape is done! I am so excited! I will be mailing it off this week to Miss Sara. The pattern was fairly easy and done ins half-double crochet. I got bored of only doing that so I added some variations along the way. It was made with Red Heart Super Soft Red Red and Plum Purple. I’m finally happy with the results!


Straying from the pattern

There it is….
And now to finish the Mario blanket for my brother…yep, still working on it 🙂

But first…coffee….lots of coffee. Not easy to sleep with two kids and a dog in a queen size bed….
Have a great weekend all!


2 thoughts on “Red Cape ~ Mission Accomplished”

  1. Beautiful! My Great-Aunt knits the most beautiful blankets for all the kids in her family! I have one, Nolan has one and baby Kinsley has a blanket in the works, the coolest part? She sews are name into the pattern, she calls it a name search. I wish I had your talent (as well as hers).

    1. Oh wow….I would love to be able to hide my name in stuff!
      Thanks 🙂 it’s almost time to start bulking up my craft sale stuff…gonna get real busy 🙂 I can’t wait!

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