The One Pound Plan

Weigh In Wednesday ~ August 6, 2014

Another Pintrest find

Good Wednesday morning to you. It’s raining…and I’m ok with that 🙂 We have had some warm days, its time for a break 🙂

So here we are again. Another week another weigh in….here we go
Weight: 275
Goal: 274

Moving right along … and in the right direction even 😀

I need to get a workout going. So I’ve been looking around Pintrest to see what I can find. There are a ton of at home workouts there and I have saved several. Here is one I found I might try…

Found on Pintrest

I will have to do something in place of the push ups. After yesterdays painful physio appointment, I have been put on some restrictions. Rightfully so after a weekend of doing way more than I should have been doing. Apparently, I was already on a ‘no lift, rest it up, ice twice a day’ restriction….oops. She wasn’t to happy to hear about my shoveling dirt, lifting bricks and sawing down small trees and shrubs. Yet another reason to be happy it’s raining…I won’t be tempted to do work in the yard after work….hahaha. But seriously, I will do my best to do what I’m told this week. I’m back to physio on Friday…it will be a good report 🙂

Well, Miss Abi just woke up…time to get some coffee and start the dishes. Have a great Wednesday all! Get out there and get moving!


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