My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

More Back Yard Fun

Monday was another full day of yard work.  We had a load of topsoil delivered, measured (and re measured) holes for fence posts and then put those posts in.  It doesn’t sound like a full day but it sure way.  While we were working on the posts Caleb made a friend with the girl who loves behind us.  They ran back and forth between our house and hers playing on the dirt pile, riding bikes and just screaming and having so much fun!  It’s nice to see Caleb interacting so well with other kids…preschool was so good for him!

While we were waiting for fence posts and guidance, Caleb asked Brian if he would play with him…and like every good daddy..



And so we have finished another long weekend.  From Friday morning until Monday evening we have…

  • taken down our old deck
  • spread out 4 yards of clay
  • almost spread out 3 yards of topsoil
  • made 6 trips to the dump
  • 2 trips to Lowes
  • installed new stairs
  • set 6 fence posts
  • created a ring of dirt around my tub that I fear will never go away
  • made a new friend
  • gone through 3 cases of water (24 bottles each)
  • gotten sun burn and bug bites (too many to count)
  • laughed
  • cried
  • had melt downs (some of them by the kids)
  • learned A LOT!

At the same time we were working on our back yard, my sister-in-law, Cindy, was working on her kitchen.  So there were a couple evenings we would go over to help her out after we had finished for the day at our place.  It was a very busy and full weekend.  Welcome to owning a home!

What’s left…

  • building a lower deck (next spring hopefully)
  • seeding for grass (hopefully this week)
  • finishing the siding on the garage (much easier now that we know what we are doing)
  • get the fence panels installed (Wednesday)
  • pull out a couple trees and cut back the lilac forest!

I think that’s it…well it’s a never ending list I’m sure, but this is all I can think of for now 🙂

I feel so very blessed to have family close by that can help out.  Growing up, we didn’t have family close–being in a military family we lived everywhere.  I’m so thankful for everything they do!

And that’s it for the weekend!  Time to get back to work and coffee (I was surprised to realize I only have 2 coffees a day the entire 4 days!–hence melt downs!  hahahaha)

One last memory … while the post holes were being dug up, Abi was a little freaked out.  She didn’t like the sound of the huge drill while it was running.  She climbed up in a chair and just at there staring.  I don’t know what happened but she sarted laughing and squeeling … and I got a couple of cute pictures.

Until next time!  Have a great week!


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