My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

The Deck

When we baught our house we knew the deck would need to be replaced. It had soft spots, a couple holes (we added a few more over the past two years) and the actual structure was very questionable-one corner of the deck wasn’t even on a deck leg…unless you walked over it…yikes!
Now, two years later, we have taken it down. We found some interesting things…I would love to have heard Mike Holmes thoughts on this piece of handiwork…

The “short leg” solution

Anywho….I can’t seem to find a “before” picture of our back yard with the deck, but I have some before pictures of the deck itself…

While we (and by we I mean Brian, Mary and Cindy…I was at work on the first day) took the deck apart, I was absolutely shocked at what was uncovered…


This is what was under the water soaked plywood…what a mess!  I am surprised and thankful no one fell through this old thing!    At the end of the day on Saturday we had a “new” back yard…

No more deck
No more deck

This brings us to today….and a huge dirt pile in the spot vacated by the deck 🙂

The kids had a blast as we worked up a sweat moving it all around to fill in the base of the back of the house…hoping to create a slope away for the rain…and bring up the ground around the front of the garage.

Unfortunately I had to go to work this afternoon, so I missed a bunch of progress.  But when I got home….our new stairs  were in place and the ground was level and ready for topsoil!

And phase one is done 🙂  Next will be topsoil, grass seeding and a new lower deck (it will go in the rectangle spot off the bottom if the stairs)  However, for now, that will have to wait.  We need to get our fence back up and finish siding our garage…speaking of which…

One side done!
One side done!

I think tomorrow we will be working on more siding…unless it’s raining like they say it should be.

Well, its been a great weekend of hard work, sweat and very little sleep…Abi still isn’t sleeping through the night.

It has also been a weekend of great blessings…fantastic weather, wonderful help from family…in more ways than labour…and peace. I have a huge amount of peace about things. Its been good….

And so I say good night…my bones are weary, my shoulder is killing me but I am content…have a great week!!!!


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