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Music To My Soul – Flash Back Friday

When I worked at Western Christian College & High School, I was introduced to the wonderful sound of A Capella music.  I fell in love with four part harmony.  There was nothing better than the sound of so many people singing in our auditorium at Lectureship or at Youth Rally’s.   Everyone singing their part…it was awesome.  I sometimes couldn’t sing because I was just struck with awe at the sound.  It was beautiful.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I find a TV show that is all about A Capella music….”The Sing Off”!  The A Capella version (and way more entertaining and fun to watch) of “American Idol”.  These people have some SICK talent!  Yep, I just said SICK!  When I found it they were on season two or three.  It was the first time they had an A Capella COUNTRY group in the competition.  I can take or leave country music.  I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either, but these guys fueled a new respect for the genre.  They are called “Home Free”.  They won that season.  I was so happy they did because they were the only ones I was cheering for through the whole show.  Allow me to give you a taste….

When this video came out I watched/listened to it A LOT!  But then I discovered a group called The Pentatonix…also winners from the show.  How have I never heard of them before!!??

Of all their songs I have listened to this one is my favorite…

As I listen to all this amazing talent…I wish two things….

1. that I had been put in singing lessons.  I love singing, I’m not terrible but could use some serious help!  hahahaha

2.  that I had paid more attention to learning the harmony parts while I was at Western.

Music…it’s good for my soul… I leave you with one last piece.  These are some of “my” kids from when I worked at the school.  I stumbled upon this video working on this post.  It made me cry.  I say “my” kids because most of these kids lived in the dorm where I worked.  This video was taken at Homecoming 2008.  I miss these guys so much!

Have a Wonderful weekend!  Sing… A lot!  I do!  It’s good for the soul!



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