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Red Cape

I re-started this cape late last week.  I am happy to report, it’s just about half way done.


I’m not sure if you can tell, but I added a couple rows of different stitches to give it come character….so far I am really liking how it is going.  However, I am almost out of red…that meant another trip to Michael’s. …darn.  hahaha..
While I was there I was distracted by some new yarn they just got in.  There were two that really caught my eye…a Wool-Like and one called Cotton Fair…


Both would make lovely cardigans…BUT….I am not buying any more yarn unless its for a current project….said no Yarner EVER!!!


Haha…until then, I will continue to plug away and finish stuff….this cape first and then Mario…and then who knows!!! Hahaha…I have so many. 

Well time to get back to work…

Cup holders loaded!

Have a great evening all!


4 thoughts on “Red Cape”

  1. Oh hey! Memories! My aunty bought me a knitting set when I was wee. I really enjoyed just knitting. Never made anything recognisable…just knitted. Just had one of those go back in time moments.

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