The Road Home

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Do you ever sit back at the end of the day and wonder what you did all day?  Where does the time go!?  Since Saturday, the days seems to have blended into one long day and I have no idea what we did!  🙂

Saturday was our anniversary and we tried to go to a movie in the afternoon.  The only movie we wanted to see — Transformers 3 — was only being played in 3D so we couldn’t go.  I get migrains and sick from  3D movies.  I felt really bad so I offered to cook supper 🙂

Done 🙂

Sunday was church and then Monday was just another day.  I had a minor “girly” procedure in the morning and then I helped Pamela with some shopping and tried to take a nap.  Monday night I folded laundry and started cleaning my kitchen.  There it is…three days gone and it feels like it was a blink!

Caleb, my son, wanted pictures with his mom and dad this weekend.  He NEVER wants his picture taken so when he asked I was very happy to take them…

Abi, on the other hand, has decided that getting her picture taken is a game…”look mom, I’m being cute!…haha..too late!”

I did get  a couple of fun ones with her though

On Thursday, last week, we had a power outage during a storm.  It freaked the kids out a bit and they didn’t want to go to bed.  So Brian sat with them and a flashlight and read them stories….

Stories by flashlight

Tomorrow is “Weigh In Wednesday” and I am afraid to say it may not be a loss at all.  Junk food has been my friend this past week.  I am most definitely a “stress eater”.  While we have been waiting for our mortgage to come through and sign papers on our house I have been eating my emotions!  Chips, pop, cookies, Oh MY!  However, tonight I will be working on a menu that I will be posting along with my report this week…so now you have something to look forward to 🙂

Well, it’s time to get this day going…Coffee is perking, oatmeal is eaten…bring on the day!

Have a great one all!  Until tomorrow!  🙂


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