My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Be Prepared ~ Flash Back Friday








When I was in Girl Guides (it’s the same as Girl Scouts for my friends south of the border) our motto was “Be Prepared”  I don’t think this is what they meant!  hahahaha…. This sign can be found on the logging road between Port Hardy and Holberg BC.  When I was growing up, we lived on the base –C.F.S Holberg–and drove past this little display a lot!  The point was to get travelers to understand that logging trucks travel on this road and anything can happen to the logs (like they could fall off and flatten your car?…so watch where you’re going!

We came nose to nose with several trucks and had to back up to the last pull out to let them past.    Oh The memories!

Anyway…just thought this would be fun to share.  I came across the picture of the sign while looking for something else and it made me smile…Have a great weekend all!


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