Darn Yarn & Stuff Like That

It Matters To Me

Sometimes, when I crochet or knit a project, I really don’t care if it’s “perfect”.   Those are times I’m making something that won’t be given away.  However, when I make something I am giving away, I like to make sure it’s done well.



Case in point, this little cape I am making for my friend’s little girl.  They were here the past couple of days and I got her to try it on.  First of all, it’s too small, I think anyway.  Second of all, the edge is CROOKED!  Grr!  Her mom said it didn’t matter, she wouldn’t notice…well, I can’t do it!   I need it to be right!  SO…I pulled it all out!

The changes I’m making are: it will be wider, and longer.  I will try to put more detail in it as well.  It’s a fun pattern, it just need some tweaking 🙂  I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of next week.  Now that I don’t have homework in the way, it’s clear sailing for Yarning!  Oh and some coffee 🙂


Have a great day!


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