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Weigh In Wednesday ~ Starting Again

Well good Wednesday Morning to you!  I hope your week is going well so far!  I have been having a fantastic week!



Miss Abi and I got back from BC on Saturday evening.  The trip back was WAY better than the trip out!  Lots of room and she slept most of the way…so happy!  We got to visit my good friends – The Boet Family – in Calgary (we had a 3.5 hour stop over)!  It was great to see them!  And now it’s back to the real world…work, bills, finalizing our mortgage…..ugg…I miss my holidays already!

Here are a few more pictures from the trip…

It was so great to be home on the Island….And now I am enjoying the wonderful company with Miss Becky and her daughter Miss Sara…I love these girls and am so happy they were able to stop by on their epic Mommy/Daughter Summer Road Trip!  Caleb and Abi have loved having another kid in the house to play with and are having a great time.  I will be sad when they leave today…really sad!

Well, today is the day I kick start my “One Pound Plan” again.  When I initially started, the plan was to lose one pound and keep it off for a year.  I then changed it to one pound a week.  If I was able to lose one pound a week that  would have been a 52 lb loss for the year.  Well, I can tell you that what I did lose (almost 35 lbs) has found its way home again..ugg!  So…what is next?  Well, time to start menu planning again, drinking my water and get active again.  Pamela and I have talked about starting to do some walking but we need to find a time that works for us both.  I can’t wait to start that up again…I miss our walks!  I mostly miss our time to hang out 🙂

Just as before, every week I will post my new weight (hopefully it’s less than the week before) and my goal for the next week.  I won’t keep track of my total loss just the one pound each week.  I might even try to keep up with my weekly menu planning and sharing my recipes for the week…building on what I have started already.

But first…a beginning picture… (of sorts)

These pictures are three weeks from being a year apart…I will hopefully have one more to add to it next summer…. well I WILL have one to add.

Here we go…

Starting Weight: 279

Goal: 278

My S.M.A.R.T. goals for the week

1. more water

2. more exercise

3. more sleep

I think that’s a good place to start.  Tomorrow I will add my menu planning for the next week…

And we are off!  Here’s to a new year of success and getting healthy!


2 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday ~ Starting Again”

  1. Well first of all…glad to see that you had an awesome trip. I am planning a Canada trip late August-early September.

    I also want to say that I am excited about your one pound plan. I would love to join you. However I just HAVE to say, that you look awesome in you “before” pictures!

    Have a awesome Thursday!

    1. Aww…thank you. Your so sweet. 🙂 I have reluctently decided that I need to be in more pictures…especially with my family…so there may be more of me coming…ugg!
      Where will you be going on your Canadian Trip? That’s exciting!

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