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Summer Vacation…Almost Done

It’s hard to believe we head back to Regina in a couple of days.  The time always flies by!!! šŸ˜¦  But we have had a busy couple of days…
Wednesday was beach day!  I was so excited!!! Abi had a blast!

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Even after this little fall…

She loved picking up shells and splashing around.

On the way to the beach I heard this loud “Cheese” come from the back seat…
A Nanna, Popop, Abi selfie …. love it!!!

Then mom, my granny and I went to a musical in on Wednesday night…”Thoroughly Modern Millie”….what a great show! I can’t wait to see the original with Julie Andrews some time.

Today we went for coffee with my Auntie Norma….who tried to teach Abi how to play Crib…
It didn’t go so well…hahaha…but we had a good visit!

Tonight we had an Appetizer Dinner at my granny’s place. We had a chance to take a four generation picture…
Special moment for me….love these ladies…and little girl! Abi’s Great Granny, Nanna and Mommy….

Popop picked out her dress for today…

It has been a great trip so far….but I’ll be honest, I’m ready to get back to routine and home. I miss my boys and my bed!
I’ll leave you with one last picture for today…. sunset on the glacier…have a great weekend all!!!


6 thoughts on “Summer Vacation…Almost Done”

      1. Hahaha…I know….i wish I had gotten a picture, but when she first hd it on she bunched up the front of her dress and carried it around like a ball or something….then she kept pulling it up over her head…it was so funny. Then she put her pink princess ball hat on and wouldn’t taken it off…hahaha

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