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It’s Time

The other night we had an Appetizer Dinner at my granny’s place.   I was so happy to see my aunt and good friend Carol join us for the evening. 

Carol has become a bit of an inspiration and motivation for me.  She has recently been cleared for gastric bypass surgery.   We don’t know the date yet, but she is very excited…so am I!!!! I am looking forward to reading her journey as she shares what she feels comfortable sharing on Facebook…as well as through Skype calls. 

I am on a list for the same surgery.  I was told eighteen months before I got a call…I have lost track of how long it’s been…but I’m on a list.  Last year I did some~well a lot~of walking and made huge efforts to eat better.  Alas, I have not done very well this summer….not very well at all.  And I’m so MAD at myself. 

I could say it was my high blood pressure or my bumbed up shoulder…but those aren’t valid excuses….not at all. the truth is i don’t have any excuses at all…I just quit…plain and simple.

I got lazy. Complacent. Lost.

Well, its time. Time to get back in action. Time to pay attention to what I eat. Time to drink more water, no soda, and less coffee. Time to cut the junk and eat healthy. Time to Get Active!!! Time to Stop the EXCUSES!!! It’s time!

As we were getting ready to leave granny’s place, I suddenly decided I wanted a picture of Carol and I. I told her we needed a “Before” picture. I said “a year from now we will be half the women we are today and I want a picture of where we came from” … she agreed…

Here’s to us Carol…we will make huge changes this next year and cheer each other on…love you my friend…lets Do This!!!



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