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We Have Arrived Alive

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Or some days your the momma of a daughter with a leaky diaper on the first leg of a trip….thankfully I remembered a change of clothes for her.  Me, not so much.  I had a hoody though so I sweat my way from Calgary to Comox….that’s not the worst part of the flight from Calgary to Comox….
I had the unfortunate pleasure of sitting behind a gentleman who was obviously bothered by Abi’s unhappiness of our long travel day. Being under 2, she has to sit on my lap during most of the flight. She wasn’t happy with this arrangement and had no issues letting the plane know about it….I had Bill Cosby telling the story of Jeffrey going through my mind…so this “gentleman” decided to let me know how unimpressed he was by slamming his seat as far back as it would go and squashed Abi into my chest and hitting the back of her head. That did not sit well with the momma…or Abi as she cried louder. Anywho….I let her cry a little longer than I gave her to the empty seat beside me.  She calmed down and played with the seatbelt for a good long time.  Peace at last….until we had to land.  Thankfully my grumpy neighbor put his seat up as soon as the seatbelt sign came on so I had room to fight with Abi until we landed…then we were home!  I have never been so grateful for bumpy landings.  hahahaha 🙂

But we are here and this is what I got to enjoy my morning coffee looking at


Comox Glacier as my morning backdrop

I didn’t get too many pictures of our first day but er also didn’t do much after getting in at midnight SK time.  We were both quite tired.  But we went for a long walk with Popop who picked up a new PINK dress for Miss Abi’s pictures later this week.  It’s going to be a very hot week!  Hotter than back in Saskatchewan!   Tomorrow is a beach day and I can’t wait!

Here are a few pictures of our flight … have a great evening all!  Almost time for me to go to bed…right after the BC/SK football and a couple games of Crib with my daddy…. Until tomorrow…

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