Darn Yarn & Stuff Like That

Gifted Yarn

I don’t mean that the yarn has special powers…I mean that I had yarn given to me 🙂  The only problem is…

Yarn Barf…some of it came in the form of Yarn barf…ugg!  Oh well, free yarn is free yarn!  The colors are fantastic and bright and I already have a pattern for them in mind…

Neon Dream from Moogly

The six colors are Bright Purple, Bright Orange, Bright Teal, Bright Pink, Red & Black.   I can’t wait to put them all together.  

Now, I have mentioned this before…I have a small problem when it comes to projects.  I will get inspired and start a new one before finishing an old one.  But not this time!  I took the mess of yarn and rolled them into balls (easy for working with later) and then I did a test section of the pattern to see if I could do it and what it will look like.  I then put all 6 balls, the test piece and hook in a bag, tied it up and put it away until I have finished my brother’s Mario blanket.  I am just as surprised as you are! But I did it 🙂

Speaking of Mario…

The section you see here is about 35 rows away from starting the chart for the last page…

Getting closer to the end
Getting closer to the end

That means that I only have about a million rows away from being done!  Actually I think it’s about 120 rows…still, it’s a lot to get done in the next week and a bit…I can do it!

Once this is done I do have a couple other little projects to finish before working with that lovely bright stuff.  More on those later when I can get them out and take pictures of them 🙂

I decided to figure out how much time I have spent working in this bad boy.  Not sure how to do that, I remembered that I was usually working on it while watching movies or tv series’.  That makes it a little easier…wanna know??

All 8 Harry Potter movies (1178 min)
Two Lord of the Rings Movies (extended versions) (463 Min)
3 seasons of Vampire Diaries (2970 min)
7 seasons of Mad About You-164 episodes (3608 min)
Twilight (3 times) (366 min)
New Moon (3 times) (390 Min)
Eclipse (once, soon to be twice) (124*2= 248)
Breaking Dawn pt. 1 & pt. 2 (once, soon to be twice) (115+117=232 min)
3 seasons of NCIS (48 minutes each, 22 episodes (approx…it’s been a while) = 3168 min)
6 episodes of Doc Martin (43 minutes each= 258 min.)
14 episodes of Heros (43 minutes each = 602 minutes)
For a total estimated  time of :  13483 min or 224.72 hours!  YIKES!  That’s a long time.  But it has taken me over a year because I haven’t worked on it daily…there was a 4 month section where I didn’t  touch it at all.

I think it’s time to brew some coffee and get busy…I only have a week and a half to finish…what shall I watch tonight I wonder….


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