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#GrabSummerFun The best part of summer is that school is out!

And I’m done!  My last three assignments have been send in for marking…I just got the marks back from my previous assignment… 100%…YEAH BABY!
Snoopy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I’m so excited to be done…I can now crochet and knit without feeling guilty!  I can go on holidays next week and not take any work with me…not even my lap top!  I repeat…

And now…my sights are set on a Payroll course in the fall possibly.  I might also be taking a different course for work in the fall so we shall see what happens.  Either way, it’s officially summer for this girl!  Bring on the beach next week!

But first…RUN or DYE this coming Saturday…I can not wait for that either!  I guess I’m back from my Blog-cation…. hahaha… What do ya wanna know?

Have a great day!  Coffee Time!


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