Team Diabetes, The One Pound Plan

Walk-A-Thon #2

Today was my second walk-a-thon for Team Diabetes…I raised $80 for this one and so walked 80 minutes….it was a beautiful morning!

Pamela & I at the beginning of our walk

I am so happy that Pamela was able to join me (she had surgery on her back almost 2 months ago) It felt good to have my walking buddy with me 🙂


They are doing some work on the Legislative building but, as I always do…a picture of our stsrting point was in order.


Last year we took a shadow picture of ourselves…I feel so tall! I need to find last years and compare them…although Pamela says it will be hard if the time and place isn’t the same 🙂

When we were on the back side of the lake, we met this lovely, and yet intimidating, bunch of geese.


It was a beautiful morning…warm and sunny. A welcome change to all the rain we have been having. I’d like to send out a hige “Thank You” to everyone who has supported me so far with Team Diabetes! I look forward to planning my next event….will keep you posted 🙂
Have a great Saturday all! Get out and go for a walk…

The sun was warming this tree...time to dry out!

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