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What To Read?

I so admire Brian’s ability to pick up a book and read it no matter what’s going on around him.  He will read while the kids play, the TV is on or in a moving car.  I have even seen him tune out basketball if the book is good enough!  That’s dedication!  He devours books.  He is reading “Fellowship Of The Ring” (again) and in the last three days has almost finished it…I’m stunned!  Before we had kids, I watched him read a 300+ page book in a day!  I asked him once if he even knew what the book was about he had read so fast.  He gave me a very detailed summary….I never questioned again.

I am not going to lie…I am quite jealous.  Being dyslexic, I have always struggled with reading for pleasure.  Reading for purpose is torture because it takes me so long!  I can’t skim a page and know what it said.  I need to read every-single-word!  And when Caleb asks me to read to him at bed time, I break out in a sweat….it’s a good thing he doesn’t notice all the back tracking I make to make sense of what I just read to him.  I do, however, enjoy reading when I can grab a good book and some coffee and peace and quiet.

When I supervised the high school dorm everyone was in a tizzy about some guy named Edward and some girl names Bella… Girls talked about Edward like he was some kind of prince…I had no idea he was a VAMPIRE!  And Bella…they wanted to be her…yikes…teens!  I was curious so I picked up the first Twilight book (yes, I in my 30’s read them all!) and will  shamefully say I couldn’t put it down.  I was pregnant with Caleb and there were many nights I would be awake reading because I couldn’t sleep anyway.  I read all four books in 9 months.  My sister-in-law read them all in a week….A WEEK!  Ok maybe it was two…but still!  I am soooo slow.

Light Reading & TreatsLately, I have been collecting books I would like to read when I have some free time.  What is “Free Time” anyway!? Oh yeah, that was pre-baby life!  But I have a small stack built up and tonight I dove in.  Not wanting to get bored I read the first chapter (or two) of three books.  They are (from Top to Bottom) Messy Spirituality-Michael Yaconelli, Unplugged- Lysa Terkeurst, Meet Me At The Cupcake Café-Jenny Colgan, Having the Heart of Mary in a Martha World– Joanna Weaver & Don’t Like The Minivan-Leanne Shirtliffe.

The cupcake café one I have been reading for  a while.  I misplaced it at some point and have recently found it…it’s almost half way done.  I’m reading Messy Spirituality at the recommendation of my boss…So far I am loving the challenge; Unplugged because I have enjoyed other books by the author (Made to Crave being one of them); Cupcake Café for fun; Martha & Mary as research for a Ladies Bible Study I’m working on getting going with another lady at my church and Minivan because who wouldn’t want to read a book with that title….so far I have laughed out loud several times!  When I’m done I might even do a review for you all…don’t hold your breath though…it could be a while 😉

The point is, I’m starting to read again and enjoy it.  My shoulder has been to sore to crochet or knit so in the evenings when the kids go to bed I will turn off the TV, settle in with my stack of books and a cup of coffee (which reminds me I need to make one) and read for a couple of hours…

One book missing from this pile is my bible.  I am not not reading it, it is in my purse and goes with me every where.  I try to make a point of reading it every day…it helps me make it through my days some times.

Well…time for the coffee and some more reading…what are you reading these days (if you have time)  Any recommendations out there?

I do have an author to recommend….if you like Christian Fiction that has a faith lesson in it…read anything by Terri Blackstock..start with Refuge Cove series…or even Newpoint 911 series….both FANTASTIC!  Her books are the first books I can honestly say I have read in short time.  When book three of Refuge Cove came out, I read it in one night….I was so depressed when I finished it because I now had to wait until the last book came out… in another year!  She is an amazing teller of faith and the trials that come with it.  You will fall in love with all of her characters and be able to relate with some of them I’d imagine.  Check her out…you won’t regret it!

Ok, back to reading…have a great weekend all!





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