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I Have A Dream

The Origin for my dream

I have been watching Coronation Street for just over 20 years (It started in 1960)…I figured out tonight I started watching when Curly Watts was on back in 1983. I started watching it with my dad and then when I moved away from home I just kept watching. Taping it every day and watching it every night before bed. Sometimes I would even record them on Sundays (all 5 half hour episodes) and watch them after church–when I remembered to program my VCR anyway! (Yep, I said VCR!) I don’t really know why I like it…some of the story lines are not my taste even, but like a bad train wreck, I can’t stop watching! (there have been at least two train wrecks on the show if I remember correctly, I’ve only seen one)

There is one place in particular that the residents of the Street like to hang out. Their Local….The Rover’s Return Inn.   I am not a drinker (anymore) but I would love to go in there and try some “hot pot” and some “crisps” …and just listen to the buzz going around the room.  The Rover’s has become my “Dream” Coffee Shop idea.  In fact, a good friend of mine helped me come up with the name…I’ll share it later!

Inside the set of the Rovers Return–Google Images
Inside the Rovers Return–Google Images
Inside the Rovers Return-Google Images

So, Here is my dream….I want to build a Coffee Shop that looks just like the Rovers …. inside and out!  I want it to be a simple coffee shop that sells deli style lunches–big sandwiches with soup or salad…healthy as possible of course.   I might even try to figure out what is in the “Hot Pot”  so I can bring a bit of the show to the place 🙂

I have a name picked out, a plan in mind…now to do all the paperwork, find the money and get moving! (So, like another 20 years of work??)

A coffee shop has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember….I pray about it often.  I am hoping that one day, Brian and I will be in a place to get one up and running…it will not be an ordinary shop but it won’t be so out there that people will be frightened away…in fact I’m hoping the unique aspects I am thinking of will be what draws people to it  🙂  Can’t give too much away…It’s still a work in progress…but when this dream comes true…you are all welcome to come and step up to the bar or rest in a booth and have a up of coffee and relax 🙂

Until then… I’ll be catching up on my missed episodes (we cut out cable so I have to wait for them to be on the CBC site to watch) sipping coffee and most likely crocheting or knitting something…I sound so old!  😉


3 thoughts on “I Have A Dream”

  1. Ha ha! You’ve just taken my brain on a whirl! First reaction: watching Corrie!? I thought the lovely Jenn was ‘Murican! Yes I know y’all get UK shows on cable, watched them often myself, but you sounded so familiar with it – I mean Curly Watts! (Just Googled him as I couldn’t place the face but knew the name) – that’s some dedication lol!

    Anyhoo, all sounds like enormous fun. Of course it will be work too but when you are in love with what you are doing work becomes play. How are you coping with the Manc accents? You must be well used to them by now *tries to remember if Jenn said she was a re-located Brit and fails – damn! I read too many blogs!*

    Can’t wait ’til it all starts! PS loving the changing headers, keep refreshing page to see what else comes up and yes I really need to get a life.

    1. Haha.. Thanks, I love the changing header option… Keeps me from getting bored with it 🙂 Nope, I’m not re-located. I have just been watching Corrie for a very long time. I love the accents… It’s funny watching with people who aren’t used to them… I keep getting asked “what did they say?” haha… I’ve started research on business plans this month 🙂 will keep you posted… Might have to come for the opening! 🙂

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