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Happy Almost-Friday!

Friday CoffeeI have not looked forward to a Friday this bad in a very long time!  It has been very rainy the past couple of days and I haven’t gotten close to enough sleep!  Oh well, such is the life I guess.

Saturday is my walk-a-thon for Team Diabetes!  So far I’ve raised 80 minutes towards my walking time.  I can handle that I think 🙂  It is supposed to be a good day, but we shall see.  The weather changes its mind every couple of hours…hahaha…
One thing I am going to do this weekend is call my daddy. It’s his BIRTHDAY on Saturday! He is going to be 62!!! My dad and I went to cooking school together…it was a good time! When I was in high school we took Grade 13 Biology together. I am not really sure why he took that class…other than to keep an eye on me and my then boyfriend because we were taking it…hahaha…anyway.

Whenever I go home, we go for walks and usually stop for coffee and play 3 hands of crib before we head home! I am looking forward to doing that in July when Abi and I fly home to BC for a week. (Brian and Caleb are going to bible camp for Boys week that same week)  I’m looking forward to crib, coffee, walks, talks, laughs, and THE BEACH!
Happy Early Birthday daddy….Love you and see you real soon…I’ll bring the cards because I’m not sure I can always trust yours…hahahaha….. 😉

My dad on one of our walks with “decorative” rhubarb…it was HUGE!
Where we usually en up for coffee and crib
Not a PERFECT hand, but sure fooled them when I took a picture of it 🙂


Don’t worry….On Saturday, I’ll post some pictures of my dad when he was just a young guy…..  😉


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