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Happy Monday?

wpid-img_1203.jpgGood Morning!  That’s right, it’s Monday…anyone else not want to get out of bed this morning??  Sheesh!

I have no idea where the weekend went.  Saturday Brian and I dragged the kids with us and we checked out a few garage sales.  I was on a mission to find a swag lamp for over our dining room table.  We found everything but.  The kids scored a few more toys…which adds “Junk out kids toy box” to next weekends To-Do list.  We also found some nice loungers for the back yard.  Can’t wait to lay in the sun and crochet on one of those puppies!

Sunday was not such a great day.  Caleb is pushing the boundaries lately and so when I sent him to his room for a time out and he didn’t want to go, I took him.  When I picked him up I felt something in my already bad shoulder pop–again– and it’s been in pain since.  So happy I had my ultrasound this morning.  I’m hoping there will be answers found.  However, it won’t fix how bad I feel about having to deal with my son and his “growing pains”.  It breaks my heart and I feel like a terrible parent.  But, limits have to be set and if I don’t deal with issues he will never learn them.  I’m a work in progress…so is he.  I love him so much!  And that’s all I have to say about that.

Sunday evening was a blast!  Pamela took me out for supper –we went to East Side Marios!!  YUMMY!–and then to a movie–Maleficent, great movie!  By the time I got home, I had eaten so much I just wanted to crash on the couch!

Upon reflecting how much I ate last night, I have decided that I really need to kick my workouts in the butt and get moving again.  I have no idea what this will look like but I’ll keep you posted 🙂

I really don’t have much to say…it’s just a “bla” kind of a day.  I do, however, think it’s time for more coffee.  So I will go get some.  I hope you all had a restful and blessed weekend!  Have a Super Duper week!  Talk again soon!




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