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Cloudy With A Chance Of Tears

I love thunder storms.  I am not a huge fan of severe ones that could breed tornadoes,  but a good thunder boomers and huge rain always makes me smile.  Just before heading home from work, I was taking out the garbage and noticed the sky was getting dark…


The radio had been talking all day about a severe storm watch so I was looking forward to this.  About half an hour later, home time it had moved in closer…


About 5 minutes from work, the rain was very  heavy and the wind had picked up.  I pulled over to get taken picture of this huge rain fall that was heading our way…


It was amazing to watch it blow over….
Less than 5 minutes later I was driving behind it…


Don’t worry, I stopped to take this…I don’t take pictures while driving (well maybe once I did)
All total it lasted about 20 minutes.  I was struck by how clean and bright everything looked after.  Greens seemed brighter, the blue sky seemed crisper…it was just beautiful. 
Fast forward to getting the kids ready for bed….bath time….they had been playing in the dirt all day and needed a bath badly.  Neither of them wanted one.  They fought the entire time…crying, yelling…but, quick wipe downs and they were done.  Afterwards they ran around and laughed and were really hyper …. always a g oood thing right before bed right?  Bed time came and for the most part they went quietly and without tears.  I was pleasantly surprised. I settled in for a quiet visit with a friend and a little yarning….

I can’t help but wonder if, when our lives get dirty and messy and God sends the rain to clean us up, we don’t act like little kids and fight it too.  We know we need it.  We know we will feel better after, but we throw a tantrum anyway….
Thanks for the Rain today…I needed it! 


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