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So This IS What 40 Looks Like


The last few months I have been doing a countdown to my birthday….well its finally here! This is 40….doesn’t feel much different than 39 to be honest. šŸ™‚

Its been a GREAT day!!! I got a gazillion birthday wishes on Facebook…thank you everyone!! And then my good friend Pamela surprised me at work with a wonderful bouquet of balloons (sidenote here….I am terrified of balloons, weird I know but its true) she felt bad for forgetting…no matter I LOVE them! She also brought a gift bag of goodies…chocolate, chocolate coins (40 of them), suckers (they say 40 sucks on them) and a giant lollipop that says 40 sucks on it.



Then my my boss and another pastor at my work brought me cheesecake!

It was Saskatoonberry…so yummy!!!

Tonight Caleb and I are going to see Oliver at my mother-in-law’s school. And tomorrow, yarn shopping with birthday money….I can’t wait!!!

I feel truly blessed and thankful for these first 40 years of my life. I have two amazing kids



A wonderful husband

We had some beach photos taken on our honeymoon

And so many great family members and amazing friends….this what 40 looks like….
Looks good to me!
I hope you have a wonderful evening…I know I will!


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