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Writing 101 ~ Day 3 ~ Emptying My Brain

What a rough night it was last night.  It started out like any other night, kids washed and in  bed by 7 without a fight.  Asleep by 8 for sure.  I had some time to do some crocheting but opted to be a grown up instead and do the dishes.  Yeah me!  Once they were done,  I had a date with a ball of yarn!  Still working on my gift for my friends little girl.  (I was momentarily side tracked by a new pattern that I have to put on hold until I find the right yarn…the hunt is on!)  Unlike the night before I turned off the TV and crocheted in silence…opting to listen to the sounds of the house and the rain outside instead of the drone of some random show.  I managed to get 15 more of the 58 rows needed for the section I am working on.  I’m almost half way done.  By 11:30 it as time for bed.  So I locked the doors, turned off the lights and took puppy upstairs.  I wasn’t in bed for more than 5 minutes and I was asleep.  Until….Abi started screaming.  When I got up to check on her I see Caleb standing in his door crying.  It’s 1:15am!  I let Abi cry for the moment and went to check on Caleb.  He had had a bad dream and wanted to see Auntie Pamina (my friend Pamela had been over for supper and my kids love her) I told him she was at home sleeping and that he should try to go back to sleep.  He curled up in his bed and let me tuck him in and he began to drift off again.  Now back to Abi, who is now screaming like a crazy person.  I took her down stairs and get her settled in for our sleep on the couch…changed, and new bottle.  She settled into a restless sleep and I drifted in and out based on her kicking me.  Then I thought I heard something in the kitchen.  When I looked there was nothing there, but I heard little feet going up the stairs and more crying.  I layed Abi down on the couch and went to check on Caleb who was not sitting up in his bed, tears streaming down his face.  I wrapped him in my arms and asked him what was wrong and all he could tell me what that he “Woved daddy!”  I told him I loved daddy too and that he would be home soon and I would have him come up then.  When it looked like there were no words I could say, I opted to offer him the same sleep over as Abi was getting downstairs.  He said ok and off we went.  He on one end of the couch, Abi and I on the other, it’s now 2:20.  By the time Brian got home at 2:45 no one was asleep.  Abi had discovered her bother had joined us and was trying to get to where he was, Caleb was laughing and encouraging her…I just wanted to sleep.  Brian took Caleb up to our bed and I was going to stay with Abi….but she was not having any of that.  She started screaming and fighting … she wanted to go upstairs too and nothing I could do was going to stop her.  I wrestled with her for almost 10 minutes when Brian came back down saying that Caleb wanted me to come stay with him…we switched places.  I am exhausted by now.  I crawl into bed with Caleb and he says he want’s to say “Amens” so I take his cool little hand in mine and he closes his eyes and we pray for rest, sleep and good dreams.  “Amen”  It was 6:30 when my alarm went off.  Sleep was had but I sure don’t feel rested.  I don’t know what was going on in my house last night but it took the prompting of my 4 year old to make it all go away.  When I look back at last night and how quickly everything calmed down after we prayed I wonder why it wasn’t the first thing I did!  I have spent lots of time wondering if my life in and love for Christ has had an impact on my kids….last night let me know that, even though I don’t think he fully understands the power of prayer or what it even is –we have told him it’s talking to God–he sees something in what I’m doing and wants to do the same.    I feel an urgency to foster this in him and Abi as well…to keep it growing with them and help them understand more clearly what it means to talk to God and why we do it.  I need to keep talking to Him as well and not let it be a “last minute thought”.

Today’s post was prompted by Writing 101 ~ Today’s assignment was more free writing…I didn’t have any issues getting my brain empty today… Happy Wednesday!



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