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Snack Food Breakdown

Yesterday my good friend, Pamela, and I made a Tim’s run with a stop at Wal-Mart.   While surfing aisles,  not looking at what we needed, we found some new chocolate to try….

Coupled with yummy coffee it was no wonder I was still awake crocheting at 1am!!! I had never heard of these brands but I have to say, they could easily become a favorite…especially the Double Decker…dangerous!!!

Once the kids were in bed I put the movie “2012” on and broke out the Mario Blanket to work on….I don’t know
if was the chocolate/coffee combo or the intense scenes in the movie but I was moving at quite a good clip…hahaha….maybe it was both.  But at one point I stopped because I had a hand cramp!  I didn’t know I could crochet that fast!  I made some progress thats for sure!

Tonight I will do more and post a progress picture tomorrow…no mixing coffee and chocolate though…yikes!!!

Have a great day all!


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