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More Birthday Stuff

Today was my Birthday Haircut day.  With my grand prize gift card in hand I went to the hair dressers.  I showed her the pictures I had found of the style and color I wanted….She was excited.  We took some before pictures, I took my glasses off (I’m basically blind without them) and let her go to work….
Here is how it turned out…


I like it….Saturday is my manicure….its a good week!


9 thoughts on “More Birthday Stuff”

  1. Oooogh look at you! All lovely and stuff! Think it’s my first clear pic of you! Made me smile. Like the cut too! Always a good sign if the dresser is excited and she did a v. good job.

    1. Thank you. It was so exciting! I keep reaching back for my long hair and then remembering it’s gone…when I got home from work my little Abi kept staring at me…she used to twirl my hair all the time. I’m was a little sad about it, but she seemed fine enough to climb up on my lap and give it a good yank before bed…ahahaha…. 🙂 Very happy with how it turned out

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