My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, Team Diabetes

Shoulder Update


First off…let me say that I am cheering loud and proud for all my fellow Team Diabetes members racing in Edinburgh Scotland this weekend.  This was supposed to be the event I attended but sadly I didn’t get my fundraising done in time to go.   That is ok!  I will be in Prague this time next year doing my  best in a full marathon relay!  I can’t wait!  Go Team D!!!

Now back to our scheduled post….


I saw the Dr today about my shoulder.  A little background.  Last November I did something to my shoulder that made it make a loud popping noise and be in a lot of pain after.  Thinking I just pulled something I didn’t seek medical attention for some time.  When it didn’t get better and started interfering with my daily life I thought I better get it checked out.  The Dr said rotator-cuff injury and sent me for physio.  It gradually got better over the next couple of months.  Today…I have been released from physio as it was getting better and I was given exercises to do at home..which I’m doing.  The pain has come back and the meds I was taking are making me feel sick.  I’m basically back to square one.

Saw the dr again today (a different dr) and she is sending me for an ultrasound.  She is pretty sure that based on my limited range of motion and inability to lift with that arm, there is something torn.  This will tell us for sure.  If it is, goody goody…I will have to have surgery to repair it.  If it isn’t torn (I’m hopping this is the case) I have no idea what is next.

When I left the dr’s office I started praying for clear answers and quick action…whatever that action needs to be.  My gut is telling me it will be close to 6 months before anything happens after getting the results of the ultrasound…so we shall see.  God is in control and He can do great things!  A miraculous healing would be great, but sometimes we are given things in order to rely on Him to get us through it.  Sometimes we are aloud certain situations in order for us to grow in our faith and relationship with Him.

Whatever the next few months have in store, I leave it in God’s hands…He know’s what’s going on and I trust Him with it all.

As for this weekend…Summer is here.  It’s currently 30C (86F) and sunny!  We are expecting some thunder storms starting early tomorrow morning so I don’t know what we will be doing.  I am hoping some outdoor time will happen for sure.  If not, my basement might get a much needed cleaning and junking out so we can set it up as a living room/play area.  Either way, it will be wonderful and there will be coffee 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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