The One Pound Plan

Looking Back

I stepped on the scale this morning and was happy to see I am below my starting weight from last year’s “One Pound Plan” kick off.  Not much below, but below is below 🙂  I’ll take it.   I have been kicking myself, trying to find some nugget of inspiration and motivation to get this program back on the books.  So I have been looking back over some my old posts and found a few that lit a little spark in me…

I went back to the beginning…”One Step and One Pound At A Time” and was encouraged that I am in fact below my starting weight… Motivation Point number 1

Then I kept looking and found another post that was really motivational….”Goal Achieved~ Now To Keep It Off”  At one time I did it!  I can do it again…Motivation Point number 2

Not so flattering  was the post I did with my beginning pictures…Yikes…but I WILL do them again…Motivation Point number 3

The next post that made me say “Oh Yeah! That was a good day!” was  “Drum Roll Please...” I will bust the 260 mark again! Motivation Point number 4

I think my most favorite motivation post to look back on was “The Good The Bad and The …Wait What Size Were Those Jeans?” Motivation Point number 5

I have read so many more…I was doing so good!  Great even!  As I read each one I remembered each day and the feelings I had…even the ones that weren’t so good, like “Where Do I Begin”  I remember feeling so defeated.

Well Winter kicked my butt that’s for sure.  Spring is here and I really don’t have any excuses anymore.  I MISS my morning walks…I miss views like …


Not only will I miss the views…but I am going to miss my walking buddy Pamela for a little while.  It’s hard to get motivated without a walking buddy…

The point of this little trip down memory lane is for me, and maybe others, to feel motivated to get back in gear!  I have picked a date to begin and I will start the way it was before, a weigh in, before pictures and measurements.  Then I will just keep plugging away.  One Pound At A Time!

Happy Wednesday Folks!  Have a great one!

Get Started!



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